• Customer App Features

    Join Local Loyalty Programs hosted on Cardlis

    Purchase Gift Cards

    Instantly send someone Special a Gift Card with a Customized Note

    Securely Manage your account and View all Program Balances and Transactions within the APP

    Transfer Unused Gift Card Balances to Friends and Family 

    ADD your favorite Cards to the APP and Lighten the Burden on your Wallet

    View current store Balances from Participating Retailers.

    Cardlis can be Integrated with ANY Point of Sale Software/Till


  • Merchant App Features

    Skip the High expense of Purchasing and Managing Plastic Cards! No More Overhead, No More Clutter!

    Manage Customer Loyalty and Gift Cards

    Allow your Employees to use their own devices while giving Management Full Control

    Take Cardlis With You! It works anywhere with access to a Mobile or Wifi Network

    Securely manage Debit/Credit Card Payments and Track Cash Transactions while viewing your account ledgers in the Merchant Platform

    Activate Physical Certificates generated on the Merchant Platform

  • About Cardlis

    Founded in 2015, Cardlis Applications was developed to Empower all Retailers/Merchants with 21st century Mobile Marketing Techniques that are sought by the New Aged consumer.  Unveil marketing programs at the Customers finger tips; Securely and Efficiently. Cardlis Integrates with any Point of Sale Software turning your Business into a "Return Customer Powerhouse"!


    PCI Compliant

    Intuitive Web Platform

    All Cards and Accounts are backed up by Cardlis

    Up To 65% Cheaper then Integrated Carded Programs


    Exclusive Card Numbers 


    Interactive Customer App


    Funds are Transferred Directly to Your Selected Account


    Huge Relief of Employee Resources. Net Cashier Interaction is less then 15 Seconds!

    Cardlis can Increase ROI (Return On Investment) by more then 250%*

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Some of the benefits Cardlis offers:

    • Easily Create Custom Gift Card and Loyalty Card Programs while Securely Maintaining 100% control
    • It’s a Fact – 30% of your best customers Generate over 70% of your Revenue & 40% of Gift Card Customers overspend by 63%!!!
    • Customers can Join Loyalty a Gift Card Programs without tying up Valuable Store Resources
    • Cardlis Works with ANY Point of Sale TILL. Integrate Any In-Store program with Cardlis; No More "Checkout" Time wasted on Balance Inquiries*
    • Sales Revenue is Deposited Directly into your Desired Bank Account
    • Promote your Company or Programs and keep contact with your Customers
    • View Customer demographics to Build your Business
    • Query Month-End Transaction Statements for your Accounting Needs
    • Non-Profit Organizations can use Platform and Merchant APP for Free**


    *In-Store Programs hosted on Cardlis require Integration and Participation by the Retail/Merchant POS Software Provider

    **Standard Sales Fees Apply; FREE offer applies to Base Subscription Value Only. Request your Non-profit Status at registration; Including Education groups, Religious groups, Registered Non-Profit Organizations.

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